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Lakshmy Das (Poetess)

Lakshmy Das is an author and social activist from Kumily. She is the co-founder and the President of Maanushi Foundation that works to promote sustainable practices in rural communities. Lakshmy is a postgraduate in English Literature and has authored a collection of short stories, 'On The Way Back Home'. Her works deal with lives from rural landscapes that render human emotions from the vantage point of vulnerabilities. Lakshmy has translated works from Malayalam and has published a few of her writings in different compilations. She intends to bring into art the vigour of human emotions, not to corroborate any stereotypes, but to represent the truth of the lived experiences.

Songs of the diaspora

These poems speak about the thoughts of a person migrating from his homeland to an unknown land that promises him a better life. They take the reader through the numerous emotions a migrant feels, the people he meets and the bond that they develop from sharing the common pain. The agony of separation from everything a person loves and about the longing to comeback to their home is one of the central themes of the poems. This work is a blend of love, separation, longing, and unending hope.